This sounds great but am I going to spend ages training my staff on it?
Not at all! Every time we’ve installed Q-THIS™ it has taken LESS than Ten minutes to teach everything about the system. We’ve spent nearly two years working with venue managers to make sure this is the easiest piece of software you’ll ever use. There’s a wonderful user manual for Q-THIS™ too – but we doub’t you’ll ever need it!

Will the subscription tracks work on another computer if I copy them?
No. Even if you could find them on the Q-THIS™ computer they are encrypted and have numeric file names. So not only would you not know which track plays what, they won’t actually play outside of the Q-THIS™ computer anyway.

For the music subscription what happens if I cancel my subscription?
There’s a 1 month grace period to cover emergencies then the subscribed tracks will automatically delete themselves.

Do I have to remember to pay the subscription every month?
No, it’s done by standing order.

Do I have to report what music I play?
No, just enjoy the music!

Is the music subscription service legal? Do I need a license to play the tunes?
Our music service is fully legal with all royalty fees paid by us on your behalf. You don’t have any ongoing paperwork or to worry about either. You would still need your PRS license to play music in your venue, the same as you need currently with CD’s. You are responsible for the PRS license.

Can Q-THIS™ not run on my EPOS till point?
Maybe! It depends on how the EPOS system is set up. We’ve got quite a few clients running Q-THIS™ very happily underneath their EPOS software. Call us for advice. We will talk to your EPOS supplier for you if you’re not comfortable with this too.

OK, so if I just need the software is there an annual license fee?
No, once you’ve purchased the Q-THIS™ software or hardware, it’s yours for life. No ongoing fees.

Does that mean I can just buy the software if my computer is up to it?
Yes it does but please ask our advice first, as some sound cards fitted to PC’s aren’t good enough to be amplified. We’ll advise you!

What about the music subscription is it mandatory?
Not at all. Q-THIS™ will play your own MP3’s quite happily.

What about scheduling different types of music to play at different times?
Just click on the day of the week, click “Add a new schedule entry”, set the start and end time and select the music mix you wish to play. All the schedule entries for the day are shown in time order on screen, so you can see at a glance what you’ve got scheduled. Remove or edit an entry with a single click if you want to change one. Q-THIS™ will automatically start and stop playback exactly to your schedule without any further involvement.

What if I just want to add say more Jazz to my mix? Do I have to create a new mix from scratch?
No, it’s easier than that. Just go into SCHEDULE, click GENRES and pick the mix you want to change from the list. The sliders will show your preferences for that mix. Just change the sliders to add more Jazz. Even if you’re playing that mix live Q-THIS™ will smoothly add more Jazz to your playlist. And you don’t have to remember to save the list, it’s done automatically.

What if I’ve got my “Easy afternoon” music playing and a load of bikers come in? How quickly can I change the mood to say, my “Heavy Metal” mix?
Just click on the zone you want to change the mood in, click the folder icon and choose the new mix you want to play from the list. Q-THIS™ will run the new list instantly.

Does it take a long time to set the mix for a type of music I want to play?
You simply give the mix a name – “Easy listening for afternoons” for example – then move the sliders for each type of music on your system to tell it what you want. As you’re only shown sliders for genres of music you’ve actually got, it’s an easy job. Just select “None, Few, Some, More, Lots” for each type!

Each time it makes an automatic list of tracks will they be in the same order?
No, for variety it picks them in random order. You can shuffle the playlist with a single click yourself at any time too. If you want a particular running order every time just save the list with a button click. Next time you use that named list it remembers the order.

If I make a nice customised list, does Q-THIS™ forget my changes at the end of each day?
It does re-set the list but you can save your custom list with a single click and re-use it at any time.

If I want to add a particular track – say a customer request – or set of tracks to what Q-THIS™ has already chosen?
You can find a particular track, artist, album and so on very quickly and add the tracks to the list with a button click.

What if I want to change the running order? Or if I don’t like one of the tracks?
You can change the running order by simply dragging the tracks on screen. Any tracks you don’t like you can remove.

Can I add my own music CD’s?
Yes, just pop the CD into the server and you can either play live or have the CD – or selected tracks – added automatically.

Can I add my own MP3’s?
Yes, they can be imported in from a USB memory stick or a re-writable CD