Custom Video Systems

Video is popular. Where it’s suitable for a venue it can make a big difference. You didn’t install huge screens just to show adverts on Sky or Freeview all night.

Q-This™ Video is based around a fully capable DJ system (don’t worry, it runs on automatic too) so you can also play audio and karaoke tracks, run scrolling messages across the screen, run slideshows while the music is playing, have your logo on screen and so on. There are many extra features which make best use of your screens. Don’t worry about video formats, we’ll ensure the kit is right for your setup.

Videos are supplied pre-loaded for your convenience with the original DVD’s also supplied. This keeps you legal and provides a handy backup. We’ve a large selection of video material from the industry leaders – MixMash and Promo Only – if it’s been released on video, we’ve got it.

  • Monthly video chart updates
  • 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 00’s
  • Popular packages available
  • DVD video supplied by MixMash and PromoOnlyli
  • Latest hits and pre-release video